Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lights Out!!

Last night at around 9:30pm I was making a baby shower banner with my cricut expression using my create a critter cart. I had everything cut out and I had started putting it all together when out of nowhere the lights start flickering and then go out completely.

We get the candles out and look outside and see that our block was completely black. I found it so cute to see my kids run to there rooms and get there lite-brites. We have 4 so we had one in each corner of the living room. I wanted to finish my project so I had to get a candle so I could see what I was doing.

Thank God I was able to finish it up fast, afterwards I sat with my kiddies in the living room and played with the lite-brites. We had no power for 1 hour.Sometimes it takes a blackout to enjoy the simple things in life, like playing lite-brite with the kids in the dark on the floor.

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