Sunday, January 30, 2011

MY Heavenly Cakes

Hello Everyone!!!! These are a few of the cakes I have made, I hoping to add more really soon.
*My Daughter's Tea Party Cake*

 *My 2nd Son's Chuck E Cheese Cake*

 *My 3rd Son's Firetruck Cake*

 *My Nephew's Jungle Cake*

 *My Pastor's Cake*

 *Flower Cake*

 *Beach-Hula Birthday Cake*

 *Birthday Cake*

 *Edible Bouquet*

 *Sweet 16 Cake*

 *This is a cake replica of my church Cake*

 *Ducky Baby Shower Cake*

 *Noah's Ark Baby Shower*

 *Bear-Crib Baby Shower Cake*

 *My Sis Inlaws Baby Shower Cake*

 *Quinceanera Birthday Cake*

*Soccer Birthday Cake*

*Birthday Cake*

*Farm Animal Baby Shower Cake*

*My 4th Son's Birthday Cake*

*Stephanie's Quinceanera Cakes*

*Don't Forget to Leave Your Comments*


  1. Hi it's Mistyrose and I am a new friend :) I love your cakes. I think they are amazing. On to the question on a button, I have no clue. I used photo bucket to make the one I had. Email me at and I will email step by step 4 photobucket

  2. OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE your cakes!! I totally wish we lived closer and I'd have you do my lil man's cake.


  3. Wow! These cakes are amazing.

    One Creative Teen

  4. Nice gallery and these cakes are fantastic.Thanks for sharing these wonderful cakes.Which i like the most is church's cake.