Sunday, March 13, 2011

*Ricardo's Science Party!!*

*Ricardo's Science Party!!*
Another weekend doing another party! My oldest son is turning 10 so I surprised him with a Science Party.
It was so much fun to do and I was very happy to see his 
face when he got his surprise!

*This is when he got his surprise*

*All the goodies I made for him*

*They had a blast making slime*
 *Wow can you believe half of those kids are mine*
*He looks so good in the lab coat my mom made him*
*Diet coke and mentos rockets*
He loved every moment of it and that just made it all worth wild for me.
He is growing up so fast, he is almost as tall as me :( 
Well now I have plenty of time to plan the next party, My youngest 
will be turning 2.
Hey I have a great idea why don't you all give me some ideas for the next party
and I will pick one of then to do, It has to be fun and creative. 
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stephanie's Quinceanera Cakes!!

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I posted anything but things have been busy. My friends daughter was having her  Quinceanera and they wanted me to make the cake for them. They decided to do a Puerto Rico theme party and the cake had to do with something PR. So here are some pictures of what I came up with. Please leave comments!!

*Me with the Cakes*

*Map of the Island*

*Puerto Rican Flag*

*El Morro*

*I couldn't find the Puerto Rican coqui so I use these frogs*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jazmelinda's Slide Card


She hopes you enjoyed it please leave a comment letting us know you came by. It would really make her day. Please look at the rest of my blog and see all my other projects and other creations. The next blog you should be going to is( Jessica -

Jazmelinda's 9th Lollipop Birthday Party!!

I am so excited to share these photos with all of you! This was my daughter Jazmelinda's Surprise Lollipop Birthday Party!! I'm excited because my awesome and very talented sister and I made everything for this party in 4 days! My Cricut is my new best friend.I got to do so many fun cute things for this party, things I would not be able to find in any store.

*Made the poodle from create a critter and name with life's a beach, 
bottom border is wrapping paper* 

*I used wrapping paper to do the back wall and top border, also in 
the Happy Birthday banner*
*I only used 2 roles of wrapping paper to do the decor, 
Polka dot paper $4.99 Hobby Lobby
Stripe Birthday Girl paper $3.00 Walmart

* Nutter Butter Cookie Ball Lollipops*

*Giant Chocolate covered Marshmallow*

*Cake I made & cake decor*

*I made cupcakes & the toppers*

*Giant Lollipops and Poster made with my Cricut*

*All of the table decor ,
Napkin rings, Cups, Small Treat bags made with my Cricut, 
Runner is wrapping paper*

*My little Girl Walks In To Her Surprise!!!!!

*Our Lollipop Gang!!!
 I want to thank my amazing sister Elizabeth who is alway helping me do all of these fun party's and projects!
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