Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jazmelinda's 9th Lollipop Birthday Party!!

I am so excited to share these photos with all of you! This was my daughter Jazmelinda's Surprise Lollipop Birthday Party!! I'm excited because my awesome and very talented sister and I made everything for this party in 4 days! My Cricut is my new best friend.I got to do so many fun cute things for this party, things I would not be able to find in any store.

*Made the poodle from create a critter and name with life's a beach, 
bottom border is wrapping paper* 

*I used wrapping paper to do the back wall and top border, also in 
the Happy Birthday banner*
*I only used 2 roles of wrapping paper to do the decor, 
Polka dot paper $4.99 Hobby Lobby
Stripe Birthday Girl paper $3.00 Walmart

* Nutter Butter Cookie Ball Lollipops*

*Giant Chocolate covered Marshmallow*

*Cake I made & cake decor*

*I made cupcakes & the toppers*

*Giant Lollipops and Poster made with my Cricut*

*All of the table decor ,
Napkin rings, Cups, Small Treat bags made with my Cricut, 
Runner is wrapping paper*

*My little Girl Walks In To Her Surprise!!!!!

*Our Lollipop Gang!!!
 I want to thank my amazing sister Elizabeth who is alway helping me do all of these fun party's and projects!
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  1. What a great party!!!!! So many goodies and creations! Looks like it was a blast!


  2. OMG!!! What a GREAT party!!! You did a GREAT job!! Thank you for visiting my blog. :)


  3. AMAZING PROJECTS!!! I love the theme!! You cakes are AMAZING!!! gorgeous!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  4. This is wonderful! The colors are so fabulous they make me smile :) I just adore seeings fun party decor ideas. Thanks for sharing all your fun photos.

  5. Hey! I am a friend of Yvette's and she sent me the link for your blog and I am so glad she did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these party ideas!! Where did you get jumbo marshmallow's ? Did you decorate them yourself? And what are the nutter butter things? Also did you print the swirls on a computer? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey! I'm very glad you like! The marshmallows I got at walmart, they are jumbo camp fire ones. My sister and I decorated them with white chocolate candy melts and added the coloring we needed. The nutter butter cookie balls are super easy to make, all you need is one pack of nutter butter cookies crushed as fine as you can get them, one pack of room temp creamcheese. You mix them together and make whatever size ball you want. Stick lollipop tip in melted choc then place in cookie ball. Place balls in freezer till frozen, then dip them in melted choc, tap excess choc off, add sprinkles if you want at this time. Place cookie ball stick in a foam or a box with small holes. Let them dry. The swirls I got from my paisley cricut cartridge. Hope I was helpful.

  7. It’s definitely an amazing party for an amazing sister. The cake and cupcakes look mouth-watering. The cupcakes are really looking good, I wish I could just it. I saw such cupcakes in one of the food fests that took place in an event space Atlanta last month. Oh! Those were heavenly. It was wonderful going through this post.