Sunday, March 13, 2011

*Ricardo's Science Party!!*

*Ricardo's Science Party!!*
Another weekend doing another party! My oldest son is turning 10 so I surprised him with a Science Party.
It was so much fun to do and I was very happy to see his 
face when he got his surprise!

*This is when he got his surprise*

*All the goodies I made for him*

*They had a blast making slime*
 *Wow can you believe half of those kids are mine*
*He looks so good in the lab coat my mom made him*
*Diet coke and mentos rockets*
He loved every moment of it and that just made it all worth wild for me.
He is growing up so fast, he is almost as tall as me :( 
Well now I have plenty of time to plan the next party, My youngest 
will be turning 2.
Hey I have a great idea why don't you all give me some ideas for the next party
and I will pick one of then to do, It has to be fun and creative. 
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